Daylily Paradise

What is a Diploid / Tetraploid?

A daylily either has 22 or 44 chromosomes. A diploid has 22 chromosomes and a tetraploid has 44 chromosomes. A tetraploid daylily will generally have larger flowers, larger plants, and better flower substance than a diploid. A diploid can have large flowers, large plants and great flower substance, although if the same diploid plant is converted to a tetraploid, the plants' caracteristics will be enhanced. A diploid plant can be chemically treated to become a tetraploid. When POLLINATING / HYBRIDIZING daylilies, a diploid will only form SEEDS when pollinated with another diploid and a tetraploid will only form seeds when pollinated with another tetraploid. The seeds of a diploid will produce diploid plants and the seeds of a tetraploid will produce tetraploid plants.

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