Daylily Paradise

Seed Collecting

Once a daylily is POLLINATED / HYBRIDIZED, it will form a seedpod. The seedpods contain an average of ten seeds each. The pod is ready for harvest when it begins to turn brown and starts to crack open at the top. The pod should be picked and the seeds should be carefully taken out of the pod. The seeds are ready when they are black in color. After the seeds are removed from the pod they should be allowed to dry in a cool dry area for several days. Once the seeds have dried, they should be gathered and placed in a paper envelope or a zip lock bag and stored in the refrigerator. After they are in cold storage for about 6 weeks, they can be planted. Planting can be done indoors or outdoors. If you plant the seeds indoors, you should use a sterile potting mix with good drainage on the bottom (kitty litter works well). The seeds should be soaked in water 2-3 days prior to planting, this will allow for proper water consumption. Plant the seeds at a depth of 3/8" and cover them with plastic (bottom heat is very helpful). The seeds will begin to germinate in about 3-4 weeks (often only 50% or less of the seeds germinate). If you plant the seeds outside, the process is the same as planting the seeds indoors, although you should wait until the soil temp is at least 55 degrees F. This can be anytime in the South and generally late May or June in the North. Once the seeds germinate, be careful not to over-water the seedlings, because they can rot. Once the seedlings are 3-6 months old, they can be transplanted outdoors in which they will bloom in approximately 1-2 years in the South and approximately 2-3 years in the north.

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