Daylily Paradise

Caring For Daylilies

Caring for daylilies is very easy. Once your daylilies arrive, you will want to unpack the daylilies and soak them in a bucket of water for one day, this will insure the roots have plenty of water to start growing. If the daylilies are not cut back when they arrive, you will want to cut the foliage back to 6" prior to planting. Plant the daylilies by spreading the roots flat and placing them in a hole 3" deep. Although daylilies will perform well in drought conditions, daylilies perform at their best when planted in partial to full sun with plenty of water. A daylily will multiply very quickly, it generally doubles or triples in the number of plants each year. Once your daylily is in the ground for 3-5 years it will need divided to perform at its best. This is accomplished by digging the entire clump up and placing it on its side and splitting individual plants off with a shovel or by hand (soaking the clump in water may help with the splitting up process.) A general garden fertilizer works well for daylilies. Daylilies have very few diseases that effect them. Slugs will on occasion eat the foliage in the springtime, although this generally does not affect the plant during the blooming season. A simple spray of "Seven" will remedy this situation. An insect called "Thrips" will sometimes affect the flower buds of daylilies causing damaged flowers. Spraying with "Seven" will help, but this can be a difficult problem to get rid of. Aphids are easily controlled by "Seven" as well.

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